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About tamarae.

Paris based artist Tamarae, from The Netherlands, creates music that reflects as a journey of growth and exploration, embodying a mix of dreaminess and a commitment to a clear vision. 

Her latest EP 'Dreams', released in April, delves into the depths of emotions and experiences during the times of the coronavirus pandemic. Recorded at Wisseloord Studio, the EP features a collaboration with an international group of talented musicians, including Ignacio Santoro on double bass, Dani Font on guitar, Antonio Morenos on trumpet, and Alba Gil Aceytuno on alto saxophone. Recorded, mixed and co-produced by Davide Ruffini and mastered by Franççcois Fanelli. Produced, composed and performed by Tamarae. Artwork by Sharon Shreiber.

In 2022, Tamarae marked her musical journey with the release of her debut album, "The Ocean Knows," which was celebrated with a physical CD release and a captivating showcase at Musicon in the Netherlands. Her songs were regularly played on BBC Jazz World by Linley Hamilton. 

This new EP not only captures the essence of her personal reflections but also showcases the evolving artistry of Tamarae, as she continues to push boundaries and explore the intricacies of her musical expression.

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